Anyway we ...rub it, smoke it, pull it, grill it, and serve it'll love it!


Eli’s Pulled Pork Sandwich: Up until a few years ago, when you ordered a pork sandwich, you couldn’t be sure if it was pulled or pushed. We guarantee our pulled pork to be just that 20 hours in the making…tender, hickory smoked pork, slapped with a “vinegar mop” on the grill, topped with creamy coleslaw and Eli’s Bar-B-Q sauce, served on a toasted bun …Simple, classic, and the BEST you will find in Cincinnati, PERIOD!!

Hickory Smoked Turkey Sandwich:  The turkey we use is raised local from Tewes Poultry in Kentucky. Our young turkey breast chill in a top-secret marinade for a day and a half before their trip to the smokers. They are then lightly grilled and topped with coleslaw and BBQ sauce. Treat yourself one time to a lighter side that is heavy on flavor …try Eli’s tender turkey!

Ribs:  You don’t have to get dressed up and smoke a cigar to know your ribs! When these ribs arrive on your plate, dip them in our sauce and you know these are different! Whether it’s two bones, a half slab of six, or a king-sized portion of 12 ribs dusted with Eli’s dry rub, these babies will hit the spot …a MUST try!

Nathan’s All-Beef Hot-Dogs:  Eli’s hot dogs start out on the smoker. “Wiener’s in the cage!!”, is the cry that can be heard in the kitchen when these smoked dogs are briefly dropped in the deep fryer. The dogs are finished on the griddle, then served on a grilled bun with cole slaw, Eli’s BBQ sauce, and pork crispins. These dogs will fill your plate and yer hollow belly. Are you a Dog Whisperer, SON!?!?!


Cheese Macaroni:  Our Macaroni swims leisurely in just the right blend of cheddar and sharp cheese. Who needs powdered cheese? This is a fine choice for the little fellers that come in and need something to stick to their ribs before they are off and running.

Mashed Potatoes:  Peeling and boiling potatoes is worth the trouble, especially when someone else is doing it for you!! Our fresh cut potatoes are buttered, mashed, seasoned, and lightly browned on the griddle when you order them …top notch taters!!!

Best Baked Beans:  There are so many spices and ingredients in these beans, you’ll never want to try any other’s beans again. After these baked beans simmer for an hour and a half, they are ready to be served. Not too sweet and very complex- Delicious!

Creamy Southern Coleslaw:  Since we use this slaw as a main staple in many of our dishes, we knew it had to be good. We start with quality cabbage, but it’s our homemade dressing that puts this slaw off the charts. Is it sweet? Is it sour? It’s all this and more.

Jalapeno Cheese Grits:  What have you heard about our grits? That they are hand-picked from an old growth grit forest in South-west Ohio by a bearded man who also trains pigs to hunt truffles in his spare time? CRAZY?!? …You’d be crazy not to try these grits!

Jalapeno Corn Bread:  Our soft, sweet, yeller bread is served warm and spiced up with chopped jalapeno bits. Sure to compliment whatever meal you choose.


Classic (16 oz soda bottles) COKE , ORANGE CRUSH , ALE-8 , BOTTLED WATER , DIET COKE (in cans)

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